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You will learn about a few sports rivalries and predict who will win the next time the teams meet. It should take about 4 minutes. Please pay attention, thanks!

Legal information: By answering the following questions, you are participating in a study being performed by cognitive scientists in the Stanford Department of Psychology. If you have questions about this research, please contact Daniel Hawthorne at or Noah Goodman, at You must be at least 18 years old to participate. Your participation in this research is voluntary. You may decline to answer any or all of the following questions. You may decline further participation, at any time, without adverse consequences. Your anonymity is assured; the researchers who have requested your participation will not receive any personal information about you.

Click to see an example of the team races you are going to bet on. A match-up of two teams run a number of head-to-head races.

Now you will see some of the results of a series of races from a one on one match-up. You will be asked to report the odds given these results. You will see 5 different match-ups.

The teams run a number of races. We won't waste time watching all of them, but you'll get the results.

It's time for the annual British Collegiate Athletics Football Tournament. Like the World Cup, the first round is a "round robin" within regions, so the same teams play each other every year. This generates some great rivalries!

Secret Bet

What do you think is the chance that wins the game this year?

Certainly Won't Certainly Will 50/50

Which team do you think will win?

You will see a student of one of the colleges who is a big fan of his school's team. Unbeknownst to his friends, the student makes a 100£ bet online on who he thinks will win this year's game.

Was there anything that didn't make sense or seemed off about this HIT?

For students that were heavily invested in the outcome, how much do you think their investment affected which team they thought would win?

Briefly describe what you think the students knew about the teams

How many games did you see the results of for each rivalry?

Did it matter to the students who won the games?

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Answering these questions is optional, but will help us understand your answers.

Did you read the instructions and do you think you did the HIT correctly?



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